Since the end of the sixties, the Amazighs (Berbers) have always tried to breath new life into their music. This tendency was further strengthened by the beginnings of the Amazigh cultural movement during the eighties. Singers during this period had in common the desire to modernise their musical heritage by using all of the resources and subtleties available to them.

There were enough singers to enable us to refer to them as w new wave. The main figurehead of this "new wave" was, without doubt, Yuba, with his original style, his lyrics, which are both well thought out and committed, and his professionalism.

Born in south-west Morocco, this talented singer sings exclusively in the Amazigh language. He has brought out two albums, both of which are of the highest quality. The first, entitled Tawargit (Dream) is already seven years old, having been brought out in 1999. This album brought Yuba’s talents to the attention of young Amazighs. The second, Itran Azal (Stars in the Daytime), produced both in Morocco and Germany, came out in 2005.

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