retour / back

Tudert ad...

Tudrt ad tga tamurrant
uras issn amr yan t issmziyn
iskr gis afulki mafa lkemn.
manza willi gis izrin
inat id a wili gis illan
mlatiyi mani s guran?
mlatiyi mad gis iwin?
ddunit tga tanafalt ar tsigil mad tsnuful
nghd nkkwni ad igan imâdar lli ukan sul itzuzudn!
dunit walli t ttin iffal

walli... walli

tssuga yagh d kigan d ufulki
ar agh tskar urd imik n twurga
tswala yagh d ah! gar asga
ndêfr ghar sul ma nra
âemda n yan km ur issn
idêfr km ad gim ilkm
izd marur ad ittêfr yan s nigh is am issn
ddunit tga mnaw idêrfan nili d gh uzlmâd ns ad inigh taduliwin nili d ghuzddar ns
nghal is srgh tga tahêninit
kigan ad tsaka afus...

walli... walli

Tudrt ad zund afus n yan d usklu ns
Yan tt idêfrn urt lkmn yan tt ifln uras lwern
Tudert ad walli t iran ar ttin ifal,
willi t iran ar tin ffaln..


Yuba/ Mars 2001

This life

This life is so mysterious
To support it, just ignore it
And act good for your success
Where are those who lived in it
Tell me you who are still alive?
Tell me where they ended up?
Tell me what they got?
Either life is crazy and wants to make us crazy,
Or we are so dupy to trust in it
Who wants to possess life will loose it

The one... the one...

It shows us all its beauty
And offers us a lot of dreams,
But it gives us the wrong side
And lets us follow our instincts
Those who do not know life try to reach it
And those who know it don't believe in illusions
Life has many paths, and mine is the left one
Life is the roof and I am the floor
I believed in its pity but it made many suffer

The one... the one...

Life is like your hand and your shadow
You cannot reach and you cannot leave them
Who wants to possess life will loose it,
Who wants to possess it will loose it

The one... the one...

Yuba/ Mars 2001 (Translated from A. Ait Hoummad)